How to embed innovation and creativity skills in an organisation


Matthew Syed’s book “Bounce” is a remarkable read. It talks about the sustained application of Purposeful Practice to become great at a particular skill. There is no short cut. You need to fail, learn and then repeat the cycle again and again. The faster you fail the faster you learn, but only if the failing has purpose to enable you to reach your goal.

In todays world people want a fast track to success. “Bounce” provides overwhelming evidence that there isn’t one (except in a lottery of course where there’s always a chance of success, however slight).

To succeed in the real world you need a proven, purposeful system and perseverance.

The former you can learn and you have to be willing to do the latter.

To embed innovation and creativity skills in an organisation you need people who are willing to learn a system and provide them with the tools and support to apply that system to achieve business goals.

There is one documented system in the world, developed over 40 years of research with data based on $17 billion worth of Innovation Projects, that can do that.

It is called Innovation Engineering and is based on the systems thinking of Dr W Edwards Deming who transformed Japan’s economy after WW2.

Don’t be misled by the title. Innovation Engineering means the practical application of the science of innovation.

Until recently the Fundamentals of Innovation Engineering (Quick Start) was only taught at Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati, USA and in a number of North American Colleges & Universities.

Potter Innovation in Scotland has worked with Eureka! Ranch personnel to both make that training available in the UK & Ireland and in developing unique Innovation Project Management Software capable of managing both certainty and uncertainty.

So we can guarantee to embed innovation and creativity skills in an organisation that has willing people by bringing the training, tools and a proven system

  • to CREATE bigger and better ideas,
  • to COMMUNICATE more effectively to internal and external Stakeholders,
  • to COMMERCIALISE by removing risk and adding value.

If you can’t write down how your own organisation embeds innovative and creative skills in people, find out more about how  Innovation Engineering can!

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