Top 5 Benefits of Innovation Engineering

During the first half of 2107 I’ve had the pleasure of re-visiting my first crop of clients to discover how they are getting on. Here’s a summary of the most frequently mentioned benefits of Innovation Engineering:-

  1. A common language and understanding of what Innovation is  -  and a way of easily measuring and bench-marking ideas, so that we tilt the odds of success in our favour.
  2. Clarity on the goals for innovation, guided by a system that drives alignment through the business, so we waste less time.
  3. A system that allows cost savings and potential sales to be estimated, even in the absence of facts and data, so we can prioritise projects.
  4. A suite of research tools that enables research costs to be dramatically reduced so that quick and easy research is accessible to everyone. A “fail fast fail cheap” way of testing becomes real and valuable as we can rapidly cycle through tests and experiments making fact-based decisions.
  5. A systemised and disciplined way of running innovation projects that enables innovation to become a habit, so that IE is just the way we do things.

From my perspective, I can see that the most successful are those with both curiosity and eagerness to learn. Passion wins, every time! My thanks to all of you, I am delighted to be challenged and to learn with you.