The importance of exercising the body and the brain

3 weeks ago I strained my ankle ligaments just slipped while walking down stairs. It stopped me exercising and my daughter Kirsty, an MRI technician, prescribed Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation & Ibuprofen. "Well that's not going to happen (except the Ibuprofen of course)" I thought.

But I took her advice as best I could and started a regime of recuperation.

Meantime I missed my exercise fix and was quite surly with my family.

Then I realised I had some tricky IT issues that I needed to resolve with some new sales development software for Potter & Potter and I had been putting them off. So I went at them and it was painful as I was so far out of my comfort zone of knowledge. After several bouts of frustration, the problems sparked my brain and I managed to overcome the unknown by learning. The satisfaction of resolving them felt amazing, I felt better immediately and my ankle recovery also kicked up a gear!

Brain Chemistry is a complex thing that is beyond my comprehension. What I have learnt, from experience, is that mental and physical stimulation improves the Brain Chemistry and makes you feel better about yourself and helps your body. The other thing I learnt, listen more to your kids!

I had my first run outside today, just a couple of miles, but it felt good and prompted me to write this blog with apologies to wife Helen, daughters Judy, Kirsty & Ellie for my surliness.