The Brexit Dilemma

So who knows what will happen after Brexit? Answer - nobody.

What about a Forecast of what will happen after Brexit ? Well there are lots of those and like all Forecasts they are wrong, but useful.

Where there is uncertainty people will fill the fact vacuum with opinions and views and with such a wide diversity of those it can lead to decision paralysis. "There are so many things which may happen, we don't know what to do, so let's do nothing!"

With Innovation Engineering we prefer to use data to lead us to a decision.

But what data is available to help us deal with the uncertainty of Brexit?

The UK has the 5th largest economy in the world.

In 2015 we imported £485 Billion and exported £340 Billion of Goods and Services

The scale and range of what we import is amazing and laced with Opportunity for budding Innovators.

Who knew we imported £180 million of Soup or £920 million of Flavoured Water!

 Take a look yourself at

If you see something that you are Passionate about and want to turn into a Business Opportunity, then Innovation Engineering can help. We use systems and data to turn visions into reality. (£11 Billion of Projects can't be wrong).

Ignite Innovation and turn your Brexit Dilemma into Sustainable, Profitable Growth.