Thanks for the Inspiration!

I am fresh from a Primary School Coffee Morning where my daughter and the rest of her schoolmates performed brilliantly to an audience of mums, dads and carers. It was done in aid of and the money raised will go to support local Mental Health Projects.

I was sat next to a friend who has represented Great Britain at the Olympic Games and his conversation was inspirational. He talked about what was needed to be selected for the pinnacle of an international athlete's career - to be better than the best of the best - to be Meaningfully Unique.

He asked me if I was busy and I excitedly told him about how we are bringing Innovation Engineering Education to Europe and he asked what Innovation Engineering was. As I explained his eyes got wider and wider!

"So you could help with - " and he went on to define the biggest problem, at the school where he works, with great simplicity and clarity.

I said yes and explained we had talked with the school and "it wasn't the right time because......"

It brought me right back to a conversation earlier in the week with a former colleague who said "it wasn't the right time because......"

It reminded me of a quote from Walter Werner, a Deming Master (Innovation Engineering is based on the works of Dr Deming) -


" Management slip into managing the present while postponing the future"


So we are struggling to fill our Innovation Engineering Quick Start Course in Edinburgh from 22-24 November and yet I am inspired by the people who will be there -

2 people travelling from Sweden because they have seen the positive results from their company in the UK

1 person travelling from Ireland because they want a better design and evaluation approach on new projects

1 MD from England who is fearful of the impact of Brexit on his business

1 person from Scotland whose MD wants everyone in his company trained to use IE

1 NHS practitioner who wants to introduce state of the art technology and doesn't know how.

1 self employed person who wants to grow their business and sees IE as the perfect vehicle

My wife Helen, who will deliver the Course and is working hard to make this the best possible experience for everyone

These are all inspirational people because they care and they want to make a difference.

It would be great if you could join them at