Innovation Engineering Quick Start, Scotland Receives 5 Star Rating!

Last week at the Edrington offices by the banks of the River Tay, 15 of us came together for the first Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Program to be held outside of North America.

We benefited from the diversity of a group across a variety of Scotland-based businesses.  As we gathered at the end of day 3 to reflect on what we had learned, I felt my heart beat faster. My previous experience of IE Training had been over an intense week, residential and immersive at Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati. So the questions front of my mind were; “ Could this work over 3 days? Could this work out of the Eureka! Ranch environment? Will attendees ‘get’ the power of system-driven engineering? Will they be able to go back and make a difference?"

As I listened to the reflections and read the feedback the answers came back loud and clear; Yes, Yes, Yes and YES!!  EVERY participant gave the course the maximum 5 star rating

The most rewarding part is that it appears for many,  the course has gone beyond providing practical innovation tools to enable smarter working. I noticed a shift in mind-set that reaches beyond work, I detected that the experience for some will be pivotal in their career and maybe life.

As Deming, the father of system thinking said,  when asked to summarise his overall message in a few words, “it has to do with Pride of Work”. When you are spending your time and energy on projects, products or services that matter to you, your organisation and to a customer, then you experience the deep inner joy that is pride of work.

All candidates continue to have the support of an innovation coach over the next two months to help them practically apply their new skills.