Innovation as Usual?

As passionate advocates for and trainers in Innovation Engineering™ it has to be a good day when Stanford University publish a 2 year Research Study which finds that Innovation Engineering™ goes beyond "Innovation as Usual" to true "Breakout Innovation" based on their review of the work that March of Dimes has done with Innovation Engineering™ in North America.

March of Dimes is a Charity that funds lifesaving research and programmes and works to end premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality. It raises around $200 million annually.

The Stanford team of researchers found that most innovation methods don't result in innovative solutions and instead the result is innovation as usual. The study identifies 5 practices that enable Breakout Innovation and deliver bold innovation and powerful solutions.

These are - 

1. Share Power

2 Prioritise Relationships

3. Leverage Heterogenity

4. Legitimise All Ways of Knowing

5. Prototype Early and Often

Against these criteria Innovation Engineering™was shown to be clearly in the Breakout Innovation category.

Find out more at Creating Breakout Innovation 

Where do you think your organisation's innovation approach sits?